I teach chairmaking and hand tool woodworking in my shop in Decatur, GA. Please send me an email at and we can start the conversation by deciding on the chair or stool you want to make and set a time to start making shavings. I charge $200 a day or $50 an hour.

I will be teaching this chair in the shop of Greg Pennington in Nashville, TN, January 2-7, 2023. This is a side chair designed by Brian Boggs, in oak with a shaker tape seat. The class is limited to 4 students. Send me a message if you are interested.

Student Testimonials.

I want to shout out to Rusty Tchernis for a wonderful lesson in hand tools. I had posted a while ago with a table I built using spline joints that lasted about 2 months. I've always been interested in hand tools but had a fear of chisels? Not sure why.

Rusty is a wonderful teacher! He helped me get past the chisel fear on some bridle joints for the table replacement.

I highly suggest a lesson with him in chair making or even general hand tools.

Thanks Rusty!

Bridget B.

As a professional woodworker who tends to stick with modern tools, I am always on the lookout to learn more about traditional woodworking. Taking classes with Rusty to build a traditional Windsor stool, gave me everything I wanted and more. He not only told me what to do and how, but more importantly for me, why. He gave me encouragement mixed with suggestion which motivated me to go beyond my normal thoughts of excellence to reach a higher plane of woodworking. Whether you are a first time woodworker or experienced, Rusty’s teaching style and adaptive nature will allow you to make and build quality furniture that you will love for a lifetime.

Scot P.